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My thoughts on Hogan signing with TNA....

Here's the link to the column that I provided email responses from in my last post.


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Anonymous said...

It is disappointing to see TNA going back down this road again. What makes it even more disappointing is the fact that it would appear as though they've finally built up someone they could focus the company on (AJ Styles). Hell, I'd love to see Styles and Daniels fight one more time, but for the TNA World title. But what good does any of that do now?

Now we get to see Hogan and Bishoff back together again. At this rate, maybe they can have a NWO reunion (minus the name). Maybe they could even pull Scott Hall back in...

And where is Tony Schiavone? He needs to be the broadcast team. What is a WCW show without him right? Wait, what? Its TNA? Not WCW? Oh... sorry, I got mixed up again.