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a few things...

I'm always looking to try and make a place where I share opinions a little more creative & new. I've discovered, and specifically, I'm inerested in what it can do, and I'm considering doing some 'testing' there to see how things turn out. If it's feasible, I may try switching. I found this site because I'm looking always for a way to post to the blog from a mobile device, specifically, my ipod. I can post here, but the tumblr app may be a little more thorough and have more gadgets, and that always piques my interest.

I had a possibility open up of a segment on a radio show on the Wrestleview Radio Network. I have passed on that opportunity for two reasons. A) It's not what I'm interested to do from an audio standpoint. B) My energy needs to be foucsed elsewhere now. Maybe I'll get a shot at something else in the future, but until then, I'll continue to, if I may borrow a line from a DJ in Florida, shriek, reek, and have a few words to say... so to speak.

Anyone who is a member of the Wrestleview VIP section ought to listen to thursday's edition of Wrestling News Live. I got taken to school, literally and figuratively. Talk about some major flame jobs.

Anyways, that's it for now. Oh, one thing. Yankees won. Life sucks.

Go Phillies!


My thoughts on Hogan signing with TNA....

Here's the link to the column that I provided email responses from in my last post.


Emails on Hogan and Bischoff to TNA...

There's no intro needed....

Opinion #1
et the demise of TNA begin. With Hogan and Eric in TNA, Their buddy Nash, Steiner already there this will create the same problems WCW had as it started to fade away. Hogan going to TNA is the wrong move. I bet Vince is laughing so hard right now because there is a reason Hogan wasn't at a WM since 21 because Vince don't want him there. TNA showing Hogan on Thursday is already taking away from tv time real wrestlers need. Hogan needs to stop trying to get back into wrestling face facts that his career is over, stop talking crap about Linda or his popularity will soon go as fast as his hip is. TNA can start the clock cause longer Hogan stays the worse TNA will start to become, TNA just better be happy they locked up a lot of contracts because after Hogan gets done there they will probably want to leave. I was a big Hogan fan but that was like 1999 when it ended then is just became dull every time he came back thinking "he still got it" he's now Ricky Steamboat.

- VKingoftheWorldV from AOL.

Opinion #2
I completely agree with everything you said I would just add this explains why Nigel is taking on Kurt Thursday instead of Turning Point. It will probably be Hogan ending up taking on Kurt at Turning Point. I do think that having Eric Bischoff does have one more benifit TNA's current production team sucks so if Eric's team is in charge of producing iMPACT! and the PPV's that would be a plus. The PR this gets TNA, the possible ratings, the loss of Russo, the better production isn't worth it if this is what kills TNA and I seriously believe that this hiring is going to do that. It will also give WWE a lot more new young talented wrestlers. I don't see many of them sticking around when they see what Hogan is like. I am afraid that this is not the end of it. I am thinking Lacey Von Erich now Hogan and Bischoff in TNA means that the Hulkamania Tour wrestlers will be joining TNA which means TNA isn't done bringing in old men that no one wants to see. I am just hoping that Ric Flair has some honor left and doesn't follow suit and sign with TNA himself.

- Suzanne

Opinion #3
holy shit I completely agree with you Mike. Hogan will be the end of TNA. I mean do any of these matches sound good? Bobby Lashley vs. Hulk Hogan. Abyss vs. Hulk Hogan. yeah on paper it sounds great, if ur thinking of the 80/early 90's Hogan. What could people like that possibly do with Hogan in the ring.
and I swear if we see a Hulk Hogan vs. Kevin Nash match I'm never watching TNA again. NEVER!
Weren't Kevin nash,eric bischoff and Hogan the reason WCW went to the ground? that’s what's going to happen to TNA.

- Billy

You got ideas, I want to hear them.


Column #347

Here is the link for the latest version of my column. Picks for Bragging Rights plus thoughts on Smackdown vs. Raw 2010.



People have been criticizing me for being way too negative on facebook with my status updates.

Well, truth be told, it's one person, and I'd like to have thought that we could be colleagues because we both work for the same website.

I guess not.

When I was a lot younger, I was a lot more inmature, and a lot more insane. Silliness was the norm, and not giving a damn was the general consensus stance I had pretty much 24/7.

Ever since I had children, things have become significantly more difficult. Take in to consideration a lot of other factors that I will not divulge, but the silliness & alleged happiness that I had been portraying for so long had begun to dwindle in volume, considerably.

Now, let's get something straight.

I went to school, and did things ass backwards. People go to school to get a career. I went to school and got a family.

That does not mean in any way that I don't love my family with all my heart, soul, and being.

Because I do. I wouldn't be going through what I am going through for anybody else on this planet.

However, (I'm not going to use the word BUT, because it's not that), however, there are some aspects of my life that I do wish I could do over, and I do regret.

Regret is something that is very hard to shake, and even harder to accept. What's worse is when actions taken have a toll on people you care about, and while you are saddled with the regret and remorse you have in wanting to make the wrong things right, you have to sit there and deal with the discomfort and uncertainty as to what will happen next.

I don't do uncertain well. I don't do change well at all. And there has been some major upheaval in my life over the past few months.

These outlets, facebook,twitter, here, maybe even myspace if I go back there, are here for one reason. They are here for me to spew my guts, and get the negative energy that flows through my body out. For years, decades, I have released the negative energy that has flowed through my body in toxic manners.

Now, I am trying to do that in much more subtle, simpler, and clean manners.

If you don't like it, well, what can I say? people live their lives their own way, and I don't intend on changing much of mine any time soon. I got enough to do.

if you understand, I thank you.

and if you're still saying I'm a fucking negative idiot, well, then....




No wife home
3 teens in my basement,.
2 younger kids in my living room.

And me. Stuck in the middle.

-Mobile Post-


podcast for podcats reasons

it's me spewing my guts, about a yelling, but I think, plenty of intensity.

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A song to think about

From the band "Stop Making Friends"

The song is called "Fear".

Are you scared of the dark
Are you afraid they�ll break your heart
Are you afraid you�ll lose yourself
Are you afraid of your own health

Are you scared to lose
Are you afraid to choose
Are you afraid you�ll win
Are you scared of your own sin

Are you scared to forgive
Are you afraid to live
Are you afraid to die
Do you think you told a lie


To live
When you think you�re dying
To laugh
When you feel like crying
To stand
When you think you�re gonna fall
It�s just fear after all
It�s only fear after all

Are you afraid you�ll be alone
Are you scared to pick up the phone
Are you scared of the past
Do you think that you might crash
Do you think you�re in too deep

Are you afraid to sleep
Are you scared there�s no stability
Are you afraid of your own fragility


To mend
When you�re think you�re breaking
To strength
When you know you�re shaking
To pray
When your back�s against the wall

It�s only fear after all

Are you scared of the end
Are you scared to begin
Are you scared of the start
Do you think they�ll break your heart
Do you think they�ll break your heart



Has it ever felt like you're literally like on a moving sidewalk, but you're making no forward progress? Have you ever felt like you're walking, and traveling toward a goal, but the more you try and proceed forward, you end up proceeding backward instead?

Welcome to my world, at this moment.

A world of fear and uncertainty.

A world I am sure most of you are well aware of.

A world I am just now discovering for myself. Better late than never. Not.

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